Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our WAHM / Work at Home program.

WAHM Work at Home Business Coaching

I have/do ________. Is this for me?

I work with women who want to leave their 9-5 and women who just want some side hustle action. From photographers to Etsy sellers who want to ramp up their business, to direct saleswomen or network marketers (think Beachbody, Mary Kay, Young Living, Stella & Dot, etc.) who want to stand out from the crowd, to writers, freelancers, and beyond. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, contact me and we can chat.


Do I have to be a mom?

No! While the program is geared towards moms and women, it’s open to anyone who wants to create a better work-life balance for themselves and their family.


What can I expect?

There are two programs – a 3 month one-on-one course, or a 30 day business accelerator, which is 30 days of clear, actionable items that will help you:

  • Focus on the purpose & mission of your business
  • Increase your digital marketing presence
  • Create a game plan for moving forward.

No matter where you’re starting, we’ll push you further together. You’ll learn:

  • How to market to millennials (today’s buyers!) without being spammy or blending into the crowd.
  • How and what to delegate
  • How to put systems in place to maximize your productivity
  • How to schedule your day around the rest of “life”… and more!

You’ll have full access to me as your coach to help personalize your plan, answer questions, and help you find solutions to your stumbling blocks.

The online program will be in a small group or individual format depending on the goals and needs of each particular group. Those in the one-on-one program can choose to meet in person or utilize online services. (October update: The one-on-one program is currently full.)


What is this program NOT?

While I’ll be there to guide and coach you along the way, I won’t be doing it for you. This program is for motivated, driven, and passionate women looking to create or go further in their business or side hustle. The program will include social media marketing strategies but will not be social media 101 (ex. how to set up Facebook). It is best for those who have a basic understand of the social media platforms they wish to utilize. While the program will include a financial piece, it will not cover tax advice. (I’m not a CPA and prefer to stay out of legal trouble.)


**Programs are currently full. To be the first to find out about the next enrollment opportunity, fill out the form below.**

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