There are 2 parts to your detox protocol:

1. The Plan. What to do, why to do it, when to do it. All the juicy details (but still no juice-cleansing here;))

2. The Supplements. These support your detox. Physician grade supplements to provide the nutrients and supplements you need to get your detox pathways working. As a perk of purchasing the detox protocol, you’ll get access to a client discount, calculated automatically.


Total cost: $197 Broken into 2 separate transactions:

1. The Ultimate Refresh Detox Protocol ($92.37 – this is what you’ll pay first)

2. Detoxification Support packs – ($104. 63 – ordering information provided after checkout) *Provides enough product for TWO complete detoxes. Invite a friend to join you or pencil in a mid-year detox follow up. (Enjoy a 10% discount on all other vitamins and supplements in the dispensary as well!)

*Please consult your physician before taking supplements. Purchasing this program does not make you a client. Please see protocol ebook for dosing suggestions.*