Nutrition Services

Our mission is to get your feeling your best. Below you’ll find some of our most popular options. Select links to learn more about each program.


OPTIMIZE Online Nutrition Program

4 week virtual nutrition + wellness class. Boost your energy, hit your body comp goals, + stop stressing about food.

$297 Learn more.


Food Sensitivity Program

Specialized protocol for autoimmune disease, IBS, inflammation, fibromyalgia, migraine, MSPI, FPIES, and more. Includes lab test + 6 week protocol.

$1295 Learn more.


Nutrition Counseling

1:1 personalized virtual nutrition counseling services. Limited basis only.

Starting at $300+/month Learn more.


Food Sensitivity Test Only

170+ food + chemical sensitivity test with 15 minute consult. 

$795 Contact to order.


Micronutrient Test

Full micronutrient test panel for targeted nutrient repletion + 15 min results consult.

$585 Learn more.