Nutrition Counseling

Want individualized nutrition counseling for something other than our food sensitivities program or OPTIMIZE online nutrition program? We offer limited individual nutrition counseling virtually (meaning you don’t even need to leave your house for an appointment!)

How does it work?

Our main goal is for you to reach YOUR goals. The best way to see results is to work consistently with us over time so we can keep you on track, accountable, and tackle everything we need to at a reasonable (aka not overwhelming!) pace. We offer our personalized nutrition counseling services as a monthly subscription to a limited number of clients each month.

We start with an initial assessment, then work together as needed on a continual basis. That might mean virtual “face-to-face” video check-ins or email support. We don’t pre-set the number of appointments or check-ins since it varies so much with each individual. This model allows us to make the most efficient use of your precious time and make the most impact on improving your health.

One-month package: $350

3-month package: $300/month

Packages are paid in full at time of service; you will have the option to renew or changes packages at the end of your current term. Please note we do not accept insurance, but we do accept HSA cards.

Contact us to book your services and set up your initial assessment.

We understand this is a financial commitment, but we are absolutely committed to helping you improve your health. If you are unable to invest in a monthly package, we recommend our OPTIMIZE program as an alternative.